Exposing Planned Parenthood is a joint project of Restoration Action and Restoration PAC.


Restoration Action

As a social welfare organization, Restoration Action champions for key conservative causes. Our goal is to expose the truth about the devastating damage the abortion industry causes women and innocent babies. Organizations such as Planned Parenthood, and it’s liberal lobbyists, have citizens believing abortion is women’s healthcare and a widely accepted option during the full-term of a crisis pregnancy. Yet only 13% of Americans believe abortion is acceptable in the final weeks of pregnancy. We also tackle the censorship by Big Tech and the media cover-up of the dark, liberal agenda.


Restoration PAC

Restoration PAC supports conservative and principled candidates in key political races who will shape the future of our country. We support conservative values including smaller government, the sanctity of all life, strong borders, and the Second Amendment. Since our founding in 2015, we have complemented the campaign efforts of ten, conservative Senate candidates and contributed to the wins of seven candidates. Year after year we have seen our digital reach grow. In 2018 our audience grew by 500%.



Our founder and President Doug Truax is all about results. Doug is a West Point graduate, Army Veteran, entrepreneur, and healthcare business leader. Doug uses his valuable experience from the private industry, and the experience he gained as a US Senate candidate in 2014, to lead Restoration PAC and Restoration Action to success.


Restoration Action is a nonprofit social welfare organization exempt from taxation under Section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions are not publicly disclosedRestoration PAC is a Super PAC registered with the Federal Election Commission. Contributions are publicly disclosed. The IRS does not allow contributions to Restoration Action or Restoration PAC to be deducted as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. The costs associated with the production and maintenance of this site are shared by the two organizations.



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